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Expert Witness Services

Cladding Expert Witness Services

If you’re seeking out the services of a trusted and qualified curtain wall and building cladding expert witness, we at Swartz and Kulpa can help.

Curtain walls refer to walls that are built to enclose occupants and protect against weather and other outside elements, but have no structural purpose.

Curtain walls expert consulting may provide essential information for cases involving such issues as windows, fenestration, wall systems, building structure suitability for type of cladding chosen, construction defects, restoration, renovation, and other building and construction-related disciplines.

We specialize in digging deep and getting to the root cause of cladding failures. A thorough investigation can often involve (but may not be limited to):

  • Interview of persons with knowledge of the problems and the performance defects present in the curtainwall system.
  • A detailed document search of all available correspondence and maintenance records pertaining to the problem.
  • A complete review of the project drawings and specifications.
  • A detailed field observation of the site including disassembly of portions of the curtainwall system to verify compliance with the drawings and proper construction practices.
  • Laboratory and/or field testing of components coupled with evaluation of test results.
  • A measured determination of which parties bear responsibility for the issues.
  • A determination of repair options for correcting of the defects.

At all times we will strive to be impartial, fair and equitable. We will never advocate a position that we don’t believe is correct.

In addition to curtain wall evaluations design and forensic analysis, Swartz and Kulpa have experience in the areas of window walls, store fronts, prefabricated panelized exterior wall systems, large scale stone landscaping projects, exterior stone clad walls, brick masonry cladding, terracotta cladding, ceramic tile cladding, thin set brick cladding, stone paving, anchorage and support of stone statues and monuments, water intrusion, site inspections for forensic evaluation, seismic and wind load evaluations for Code compliance and other construction and design issues.

Curtain Wall Expert Testimony

Curtain wall expert witnesses may be tasked with offering a failure analysis if a construction defect is discovered during a building inspection, since construction damages can lead to problems with safety and quality assurance. Failing to adhere to building code compliance would be cause for possible damage claims or litigation.